1. What breed of queen should I order?

Both Carniolan and Italian queens have quick spring build up. Honey producers in the colder climates prefer the Carniolan because of their over-wintering ability as a smaller colony. A smaller colony in the winter requires less feed. The Italian queens have a strong population of bees thru the winter months.

2. How will the queens be shipped?

All orders are shipped next day air with UPS. Orders of less than 10 will be shipped with attendants in a 3-hole cage. Orders of 10 or more will be shipped in the California Mini cage with a cork. Please let us know if we should put candy tubes into the box for you to install at your convenience.

3. I got my queens...now what?

Once your order arrives please inspect the queens immediately to be sure they arrived safe. The shipping box is NOT a storage box and please install the queens are soon as possible or make a queen bank as explained below.

4. How do I make a queen bank?

Find a very strong colony and remove the queen 24 hours prior to placing the new queens into the hive. The queen bank will need to be inspected every 7 days for cells and they need to be fed and checked for brood often.

Wait up... I still have a question

Call us at 530-532-4302 or email us today and we'll be happy to help you!

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